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Leroux French Chicory

Popularized by the French as a coffee substitute in the days of Napoleon, chicory was pitched for its health benefits after World War II. Later, Leroux promoted it as the all-natural, "green" drink of the third millennium. Leroux supplies 95 percent of the chicory consumed in the United States, where it is best known for the distinctive flavor it adds to New Orleans-style coffee.


Gunpowder Green Tea

Gunpowder Green Tea is a form of green Chinese tea produced in Zhejiang Province of China in which each leaf has been rolled into a small round pellet. It is believed to take its English name from the fact that the tea resembles gunpowder pellets used for cannons.


Toddy Cold Brew System

Now you can create a 'coffeehouse' coffee - served steaming hot or iced cold, and in the comfort of your home - for much less than expensive signature coffee drinks! The Toddy coffee maker extracts the coffee bean's true delicious flavor and eliminates much of the acidity, producing a bold, super-smooth coffee that can be served one cup at a time.


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